Monday, October 15, 2007

More of the Old

Some more characters.

for some reason it won't let me put all the pics in one post. After uploading 5 in the 1st post, it just kept on sending me to the "error" page whenever i try to upload more pics. Does anyone know why? is there only a specific amount of pics u can upload in 1 post?


colleen said...

I don't think there's a limit? Post away!

Also, I really like your tentacle-y, fairly nightmarish alien design at the top. Excellent.

And the long-back hair aliens - what an awesome idea. Did you use any of these for your design assignment?

Bruce said...

The hairy guy is suppose to be a sniper in ghillie suit (a camouflage suit they wear to blend in with nature) most people see a wookie at first glance, lol. not my first time explaining this to people.

I think if i hand in anything like this for the design class colin would flip-out; mainly because there's no way to animate anything like that, or no way to animate them well anyways.